MEGA’MIND is a global competition where dentists from all over the world submit their cases. It is also a chance to challenge yourself, in this life-long dental journey, to become a better dentist!

The goal of MEGA’MIND is to ‘Search and Cultivate the future leaders of Implant education’ and make a pool and network to connect every MegaGen competent users.

There are three leagues to this event.

  1. NATIONAL LEAGUE: 2 winners per country will receive US$ 1,000 + other contestants will receive US$ 300 participation awards.
  2. CONTINENTAL LEAGUE: 5 winners per continent will be invited to MEASM (Middle East & Africa Scientific Meeting) event in Turkey, October 2023, flights and accommodation (3 nights) included.
  3. FINAL LEAGUE pre-MEASM event in Turkey: 6 winners will present on main podium at MEASM and receive US$ 4,000. International publication opportunities also open for winning presentations.

How to apply:

The submission of National League is due February 28th.

For any further information of MEGA'MIND, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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